Full List of Publications

Monographic Books:

(forthcoming) Urban Politics: claiming power and diversity in globalisation, ca. 260 pp., Palgrave Macmillan, UK/US.

(2011) Capital City Cultures: Reconstructing Contemporary Europe in Vienna and Berlin (book series ‘Multiple Europes’), 270 pp, paperback & ebook, P.I.E.-Peter Lang, Brussels.

Academic Articles:

(forthcoming) Urban Research as Cosmopolitan Politics: Opening up Knowledge and Power – City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action.

Monika De Frantz (in print) Interpreting planning as actions ‘in plural’: from democratic claim to diverse institutional change. – in: Willem Salet (ed.) Institutions in Action, Routledge, July 2018.

(pre-published online, 2017) Tourism marketing and urban politics: cultural planning in a European capital, Tourism Geographies. GET FREE DOWNLOAD!
(in print): special issue: Urban Planning and Tourism in European Cities, ed. Noam Shoval, ​Tourism Geographies, Vol. 20, No. 3, July 2018​.

(2014) The Cosmopolitan Politics of Comparative Urbanism: a European Contribution. In: John Boyer et al. (eds.) EUtROPEs: The Paradox of European Empire, Paris & Chicago: University of Chicago.

(2013) Culture-led urban regeneration: the discursive politics of institutional change. In: Mike Leary and John McCarthy (eds.) Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration: Global Constraints, Local Opportunities, London & NYC: Routledge.

(2008) Contemporary political theories of the European city: questioning institutions, European Journal of Social Theory, 11 (4), pp. 443-463.

(2008) New regionalism top down: mobilizaing national minority culture, Regional and Federal Studies, 18 (4), pp. 403-427.

(2007) ‘The City without Qualities’: political theories of European urbanity and globalisation, EUI-Working Paper, European University Institute, Florence.

(2007) From culture regeneration to discursive governance: constructing the flagship of the ‘Museumsquartier Vienna’ as a plural symbol of change, Dialoghi Internazionali – Citta nel mondo, 2007/4, pp. 76-95 [reprinted from International Journal of Urban and Regional Research IJURR, 2005]

(2007) Nationality politics at Austria’s Eastern border: the region of Burgenland. In: Harlan Koff (ed.) Current Developments in Europe and North America’s Border Regions (book series ‘Regionalism and Federalism’), Brussels: PIE-Peter Lang.

(2006) Stadt-Medien-Architektur: Perspektiven der Stadtsoziologie: In: Frank Eckhardt (ed.) ‘Mediacity’, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Universitätsverlag.

(2006) Localizing multi-level space in urban cultural politics: the reconstruction of the ‘Museumsquartier Wien’ and the ‘Schlossplatz’ in Berlin. In: Luigi Doria, Valeria Fedeli, Carla Tedesco (eds.) Rethinking European spatial policy as a hologram: actions, institutions, discourses, Aldershot: Ashgate.

(2006) KulturPolitik im Wandel: Hauptstadtsymbolik in Wien und Berlin, Austrian Journal of Political Science ÖZP, pp. 237-253.

(2005) From cultural regeneration to discursive governance: constructing the flagship of the ‘Museumsquartier Vienna’ as a plural symbol of change, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 29 (1), March, pp. 50-66.

(2005, with Michael Hoelzl) Die Stadt als Ort sozialer Utopien, Kunst & Kirche, 2.

(2004, with Michael Keating) Culture-led strategies for urban regeneration: a comparative perspective on Bilbao, International Journal of Iberian Studies, 16 (3), pp. 187-194.

(2004) The ‘new’ Berlin: multiple spatial conceptions of the capital city in the ‘Palast der Republik’/’Stadtschloss’ debate. In: Frank Eckhardt, Dieter Hassenpflug (eds.) The European City in Transition: urbanism and globalization, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

News Media:

(2001) Mitreden in der offenen Stadt. De- und Reurbanisierung in der lokalen Informationsökonomie – eine Reaktion, news paper commentary in Der Standard, Album, Vienna, 1-2 Dec.

(1999-2001) Austria Country Forecasts, independent author of The Economist’s quarterly investment reports, whole issues of May 1999; Oct. 1999, Jan 2000, May 2000, Oct 2000; Jan 2001 Economist Intelligence Unit – EIU, London.

(1997-1998) many daily news articles and article series on EU & international affairs, special reports on Austria’s first EU Presidency, daily news papers, Der Standard & Die Presse, Vienna – e.g.

– ‘Kleinbetriebe in den Sozialdialog’ (Interview EU-Kommissar C. Papoutsis), Der Standard, 23 Sep 1998

– Vernunftargumente im Erweiterungsritual der EU (Österreicher in der EU), Der Standard, 22-23 Aug 1998

– Verlängerter Arm der Nationalbank in Brüssel, Der Standard, 21 Aug 1998

– Europas Budget in der Hand einer jugendlichen Karrierefrau (Österreicher in der EU), Der Standard, 13 Aug 1998

– Die EU wird den Kampf gegen Rassismus von Wien aus führen (Interview B. Winkler, EU-RAXEN), Der Standard,      5 Aug 1998

– Diplomatische Vorbildkarriere mit Ausflügen in die Politik (Österreicher in der EU), Der Standard, 5 Aug 1998

– ‘Made in Austria’: Soziale Marktwirtschaft in der EU (Österreicher in der EU), Der Standard, 1-2 Aug 1998

– Peacekeeping spielend erlernen, Der Standard, 30 Jul 1998

– ‘Kriege werden auf dem Rücken der Kinder ausgetragen’ (Exklusiv-Interview UN-Beauftragter O. Otunnu), Der Standard, 23 Jul 1998

– EU und die Alternativen (Book Review, Album), Der Standard, 3 Jul 1998

– Wir wollen Opulenz vermeiden (Sonderbeilage EU-Präsidentschaft), Der Standard 1 Jul 1998

– Österreicher in Brüssel haben Wachstumspotential (Sonderbeilage EU-Präsidentschaft), Der Standard 1 Jul 1998

– Verschmelzung von Mafia und Konzernen (Interview Jean Ziegler), Der Standard 18 Jun 1998

– with Eric Frey: Angstbefrachtete EU-Erweiterung (Europaforum Wachau), Der Standard 8 Jun 1998

– Forcierter Freihandel mit den USA spaltet die EU, Die Presse, 7 Apr 1998

– Europa hält sich mit Asien-Zusagen zurück, Die Presse, 4 Apr 1998

– Globalisierung als Chance, Die Presse, 2 Apr 1998

– with Herbert Pollak: AUA und Lauda haben die teuersten Tarife. Die Presse, 11 Oct 1997


(2004) Capital City Cultures: reconstructing the state in its urban centers – multi-level governance and the discursive mobilization of urban collective action for the cultural regeneration of the ‘Museumsquartier’ in Vienna and the ‘Palast der Republik / Stadtschloss’ in Berlin. Doctoral thesis in social and political sciences, European University Institute, Florence.

(1995) South Pacific Island States: regional cooperation as a field of the struggle between great power interests – Master’s thesis in international relations / political science, University of Vienna.

(1993) Le concept de la revolution chez Lenine. Thesis, Diplome Europeen d’Histoire des Idees et des Doctrines Politiques, Universite de Droit d’Economie et des Science d’ Aix – Marseille III, Aix-en-Provence.

Policy & Research Reports:

(2010) The EU’s Strategy for the Danube region: problems and effectiveness of governance and intergovernmental cooperation. Report to EU Commission with Austrian Institute for Spatial Planning and Regional Analysis – ÖIR, Vienna.

(2005) Regions, minorities and European policies: a state of the art report on the Austrian region of Burgenland. EUROREG – Changing interests and identities in European border regions, project conducted by European University Institute under Sixth Framework Programme, Priority 7: Citizens and Governance in Knowledge Based Society, Florence.

(2002) Was ist so schön am Eigenheim? Ein Lebensstilkonzept des Wohnens / What is so beautiful about the one-family home? A life-style concept of housing; co-authored with W. Moser, D. Reicher, R. Rosegger, M. Havel. SCAN/Wohnbund Graz; Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Vienna/Graz.

(1999-2000) Austria Country Forecasts, free-lance author of The Economist’s quarterly investment reports, issues of Oct. 1999, Jan 2000, May 2000, Oct 2000, Jan 2001, Economist Intelligence Unit – EIU, London.

(1998) Healthcare Cluster Niederösterreich; co-authored with B. Bauer et.al., Institute of Industria Sciences IWI; Regional Government of Lower Austria, Vienna.

(1998) Die volkswirtschaftliche Bedeutung des Verkehrssektors in Österreich / The role of the transport sector in Austria’s national economy, co-authored with S. Macek, B. Dachs, et. al. Institute of Industrial Sciences IWI; Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Transport, Vienna.

(1997) Japan-Russia Relations, RELEX-Planning Paper, European Commission, Brussels.

(1997) The Impact of the Europe Agreements on Trade with Third Countries, EU Commission, DG RELEX, Brussels.

(1996-1997) EU-Law Reports, quarterley publications for business clients, Draxler & Partners Lawyers.

(1995) Der Weltsozialgipfel 1995. Baobab – Entwicklungspolitische Bildungs- und Schulstelle, Vienna.

Conference Papers:

(2017, invited) Institutions in Action’, paper for roundtable to be convened by Willem Salet, AESOP Annual Conference, 12-14 July 2017.

(2016) ‘Researching the city: from public space to democratic politics’, paper presented to workshop ‘Institutions in Action’, hosted by Prof. Willem Salet, program group Urban and Regional Planning, Dept. Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam, 30 Nov-2 Dec.

(2016) Between tourism marketing and contested heritage: how the Museums’ Quarter changed the Ringstrasse and Vienna, keynote speech & paper, conference on ‘Urban Planning and Tourism Consumption: 160 Years for the Ringstraße in Vienna (1857-2017), November 20-23, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

(2016) ‘Claiming the City: from public space to public politics – interpretative politics analysis in the urban context’ paper in panel chaired by Prof. Hendrik Wagenaar, section ‘Relational Approaches to Policy Analysis: Knowing, Intervening and Transforming in a Precarious World’, ECPR General Conference, Prague 7-10 Sep.

(2016) ‘Conceptualising Cosmopolitan Urbanism: from critical inquiry toward opening up power and knowledge’, Panel ‘Citizenship and Political Identity in Changeable Times’, Section: Citizenship Debates: Normative, Empirical and Policy Reflections on Contemporary Developments’, ECPR General Conference, Prague 7-10 Sep.

(2016) Toward Cosmopolitan Politics: an Urban Perspective, panel ‘Representation and Participation in a Multilevel EU’, ECPR General Conference, Prague 7-10 Sep.

(2013) The Cosmopolitan Politics of Comparative Urbanism: a European Contribution. Mellon & Endeavor European Conference, University of Chicago, Paris, 5-7 Dec.

(2013) Contested cities: the cosmopolitan politics of urban knowledge. 8th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis, Vienna, 3-5 July.

(2013) Capital City Cultures: culture-led urban regeneration as discursive politics of institutional change in Vienna and Berlin. 8th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis, Vienna, 3-5 July.

(2012) Capital City Cultures: reconstructing contemporary Europe in Vienna and Berlin. Book presentation & public lecture, Cultural Policy Center, University of Chicago, 24 Jan.

(2011) Capital City Cultures: reconstructing contemporary Europe in the local context – two cases of discursive politics from Vienna and Berlin CEPSA – Central European Political Science Association, Annual Conference 2011 ‘Multilevel Politics: Intra- and Inter-level Comparative Perspectives’, Vienna, 27-29 Oct.

(2011) Capital City Cultures: reconstructing contemporary Europe in Vienna and Berlin, 11th Annual Marshall Plan Lecture, Center Austria, University of New Orleans, 13 Apr.

(2011) Capital City Cultures: reconstructing urban politics in Vienna and Berlin, paper presented at 41st Conference of the Urban Affairs Association (UAA), New Orleans, 16-19 Mar.

(2011) The EU’s Strategy for the Danube region: new impulses from a ‘macro-region’ for multi-level governance in Central Eastern Europe?, paper presented at 2011 Biennial Conference of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA), Boston, 3-5 Mar.

(2010) Capital City Cultures: the discursive politics of European change – a case study from Vienna, keynote speech, European Conference 2010 ‘Public space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe: politics and culture’, University of Technology, Vienna, 10-11 Nov.

(2010) Capital City Cultures: reconstructing urban policy in Vienna and Berlin, paper presented at 5th International Conference on Social Science Research, New Orleans, 23-25 Sep.

(2010) Multi-level politics: capital cities and border regions in European state-transformation, public presentation for candidature for open-rank faculty position, Department of Political Science, Central European University, Budapest, 19 Jan.

(2010) Multi-level politics: Austria’s cities and regions in European perspective, public presentation for candidature as assistant professor, Department of Political Science, University of Salzburg, 13 Jan.

(2009) Cities & regions – multi-level governance beyond states? Departmental presentation for candidature as lecturer, Centre for Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences, University of Southampton, 15 Dec.

(2008) Capital City Cultures: two cases from Vienna and Berlin; public lecture, series ‘Transdisciplinary Architecture’, Technical University, Vienna, 24 Nov.

(2008) Urban governance in European comparison: the challenges for capital cities; ‘London Collaborative Event’, Capital Ambition & OPM, Westminster, London, 21 Nov.

(2008) Cities & regions: researching European change at the centres and peripheries of European states; public presentation for candidature as assistant professor, Department of Public Policy, Central European University, Budapest, 8 Nov.

(2008) New regionalism top down: mobilizing national minority culture; Annual Conference ‘Balancing Federal Systems: Implications for Politics and Policy’, IPSA-RC 28 Comparative Federalism & Federation, co-sponsored ECPR-SG Federalism & Regionalism, Berlin, October 3-4.

(2008) The politics of European capital cities: conceptualizing a research agenda; research seminar, Urban Research Centre, London School of Economics, 12 May.

(2008) Cities and regions in Europe: the politics of heritage, development, and legitimacy; public lecture, Modul University, Vienna, 8 May.

(2008) At the border of Europe: the territorialities of regional and national minority politics. ECPR Joint Sessions, Workshop ‘The New Geopolitics and Changing Territorialities: Between International Studies and Political Geography’, Rennes, 11-16 April.

(2008) Questioning ‘culture’ in urban politics: lessons from European capital cities’, PSA Specialist group on urban politics, 58th Political Studies Association Annual Conference ‘Democracy, governance, and conflict: dilemmas of theory and practice’, Swansea University, Wales, 1-3 April.

(2008) Territoriality of Europe: cultural mobilization in capital cities and border regions, public presentation for candidature as lecturer, European Institute, London School of Economics, 5 Feb.

(2007) European urban politics and cultural regeneration, research seminar, Department of Sociology, London School of Economics, 24 Oct.

(2007) Learning from European capital cities: culture and politics in urban collective action, public lecture, LSE Urban Research Centre, London School of Economics, 1 March.

(2007) Redefining the city: the politics of cultural regeneration in Vienna and Berlin, public key-note lecture, Instituto Interuniversitario de Desarrollo Local, University of Valencia, 22-23 Feb.

(2006) Theoretical reflections on the politics of globalization in European cities, EU-RTN UrbEurope Conference ‘Urban Conditions and Life Chances’, Amsterdam, 6-8 July.

(2006) Capital city cultures: two cases from Vienna and Berlin, Lecture, LSE Urban Research Centre, London School of Economics: London, 21 June.

(2006) Austria’s Eastern border: regional development, multi-national heritage and minority politics, 3rd Hermes Symposium ‘The politics of heritage and regional development: actors, strategies, conflicts’, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, EU-Interreg; Goethe-Institute; Sofia, 9-10 June.

(2005) Projekt ‘Media City’: Perspektiven der Stadtsoziologie, public lecture, Bauhaus-University Weimar, 23 Nov.

(2005) European capital cities: culture and collective action in Vienna and Berlin, International Conference ‘Cities as social fabric: fragmentation and integration’, International Sociological Association – RC21 Urban and Regional Sociology, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, Paris, 30 June–2 July.

(2005) Cities and regions: changing concepts of center and periphery at the borders of European states, workshop Regions, Borders, and States: Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Development in Sub-national and Trans-national Areas. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Florence, 20 May.

(2005) Cities and the European Dimension, workshop Regions and Europe, by Profs. M. Keating (EUI, SPS), J. Ziller (EUI, Law), and C. Jeffrey (Edinburgh), European University Institute, Florence, 21-2 April.

(2004) Cultural regeneration as discursive governance: the political decision-making on the Vienna ‘Museumsquartier’ – with a comparative perspective on the Berlin ‘Stadtschloss’, workshop Creative Industries. A measure for urban development?, FOKUS Austrian Society for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies & WIWIPOL Arbeitsgemeinschaft wissenschaftliche Wirtschaftspolitik, Vienna.

(2003) Cultural regeneration as discursive governance: the political debate about the new Vienna ‘museums quarters’, EURA Eurocities Conference, Budapest.

(2003) Symbolic Politics, Collective Identities and Contested Space in European Cities: A comparison between London and Vienna, with J. Eade, working group ‘Europe’s darker past’, European University Institute, Florence, 30 Jan.

(2002) Multi-level urban culture: identifying the new capital city through different spatial conceptions of its center – the ‘Palast der Republik / Stadtschloss’ in Berlin, Second EuroConference ‘The European City in Transition’, Bauhaus University Weimar, November.

(2002) Cultural dynamics of urban change: the political debate about the Museumsquartier in Vienna, European Young Researchers Network on EU Spatial Policies, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Venice, Oct.

(2002) Conceptions of European urbanity and the politics of urban development, Workshop ‘Metropolitan Governance, Annual Joint Sessions, ECPR – European Consortium for Political Science, Turin, March.

(2001) Entrepreneurial cities in a European context, EuroConference Regional Governance, Hannover, April.


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