Monika De Frantz (in preparation) Urban Politics: claiming power and diversity in globalisation, ca. 250 pp., Palgrave MacMillan, UK/US.

Monika De Frantz (in review) Urban research as cosmopolitan politics: toward opening up power and knowledge – City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action.

Monika De Frantz (in print) Interpreting planning as actions ‘in plural’: from democratic claim to diverse institutional change. – in: Willem Salet (ed.) Institutions in Action, Routledge, July 2018.

Monika De Frantz (in print) Tourism marketing and urban politics: cultural planning in a European capital, Tourism Geographies  (special issue: Urban Planning and Tourism in European Cities, ed. Noam Shoval), ​Vol. 20, No. 3, July 2018​.

Most important so far:

Monika De Frantz (prepublished online, 2017) Tourism marketing and urban politics: cultural planning in a European capital, Tourism Geographies. GET FREE DOWNLOAD!

Monika De Frantz (2013) Culture-led urban regeneration: the discursive politics of institutional change. In: Mike Leary and John McCarthy (eds.) Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration: Global Constraints, Local Opportunities, Routledge.

Monika De Frantz (2011) Capital City Cultures: Reconstructing Contemporary Europe in Vienna and Berlin (book, series ‘Multiple Europes’, 45), Brussels et al.: P.I.E.-Peter Lang, 265 pp., ISBN 978-90-5201-739-6 (paperback), ISBN 978-3-0352-6163-9 (eBook).

Monika De Frantz (2008) Contemporary political theories of the European city: questioning institutions – European Journal of Social Theory, 11 (4), pp. 443-463.

Monika De Frantz (2008) New regionalism top down: mobilizing national minority culture – Regional and Federal Studies, 18 (4), pp. 403-427.

Monika De Frantz (2007) ‘The City without Qualities’: political theories of European urbanity and globalization. EUI-Working Paper, European University Institute, Florence.

Monika De Frantz (2006) KulturPolitik im Wandel: Hauptstadtsymbolik in Wien und Berlin, ÖZP – Austrian Journal of Political Science, 3, pp. 237-253.

Monika De Frantz (2005) From cultural regeneration to discursive governance: constructing the flagship of the ‘Museumsquartier Vienna’ as a plural symbol of change, International Journal for Urban and Regional Research, 29 (1), March, pp. 50-66.

Michael Keating & Monika De Frantz (2004) Culture-led strategies for urban regeneration: a comparative perspective on Bilbao, International Journal of Iberian Studies (special issue The Guggenheim Bilbao museum: art, politics and the city, ed. Nerea Arruti), 16 (3), pp. 187-194.

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