Monika De Frantz works on politics and internationalisation of social and economic space and democratic legitimacy, e.g. urban cultures, regional economy, international development, European governance and globalisation. She works as a Research Expert, Academic Author and Policy Consultant to the EU Commission, universities, governments, think tanks, news media and research agencies in Austria and internationally. With a PhD from the European University Institute EUI Florence, she has held academic positions at the University of Chicago, University of New Orleans, London School of Economics, University of Vienna, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Humboldt University Berlin and the EUI Florence. She has published more than 90 academic papers, media articles and policy reports. Her book ‘Capital City Cultures’ narrates European state-transformation from the perspective of culture-led urban development in Vienna and Berlin. Based on her research in Europe, US and Asia, she currently works on her next book on comparative theories of urban politics and cultural globalisation (to be published with Palgrave Macmillan, UK/US).  Born and resident in Vienna, she has lived and worked in more than ten major world cities and travelled extensively – a cosmopolitan experience reflected in her research, teaching and policy consulting.

Core Expertise:

  • governance, cultures, political economy, internationalisation, cities, regions, tourism, planning, democracy, globalisation, EU, US, Global South
  • social research, policy analysis, strategic planning, project management, evaluation, public communication, intercultural competence, international cooperation
  • politics, think tanks, news media, administration and academia


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